Camano Island Thrift Store was an example of type new construction. I get involved in special projects that require extra care and skills.

Finish coated before the texture was added
Lake cabin interior after paint has been applied
Lake cabin remodel as priming has begun
Lake cabin tape coat complete on newly remodeled walls and ceiling
Adding texture to walls and ceiling

The condo remodel is typical of people buying a property and making the changes they want to make in their home. Putting in recessed lighting while ceilings are opened up. They removed popcorn ceilings and opened up the floor plan.

Unfinished interior project in need of drywall repair and installation
New ceiling and walls first coating on the drywall installation
New ceiling and walls installation in progress
Family room before new ceiling and walls
Second coat completed

North End Interiors provides full array of scaffolding, company owned, to accommodate your jobs’ needs, saving you those rental costs.

Custom home construction
Exterior of lake cabin, subject of a remodel
Lake cabin interior with coated drywall
Lake cabin remodel drywall installation and coating in progress
Lake cabin drywall installation at the tape coat level
Scaffolding available when required by project

This was an old garage that was partially sheetrocked. With the remainder of drywall installed, then primed; rendering a nice look for getting the home marketable.

New ceiling hung in old garage
Sheetrock installation on ceiling of old garage

This is a typical full kitchen remodel, marrying old walls with new sheetrock installed where changes were made to lay-out. Skylights put in for a brighter kitchen.

Kitchen ceiling patching
Kitchen remodel in progress
Kitchen skylight as part of the remodel
Typical kitchen remodel

Depiction of old drywall skimmed over with joint compound to create a broad new surface for paint. Two coats can typically bring back any walls or ceilings.

Old ceiling in process of being replaced with new ceiling
View of old ceiling being converted to new ceiling

Interior walls and doorway drywall finished
Ceiling finishing with pattern
Close up of finished drywall corner piece
Ceiling patches for a kitchen
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Puget Sound in our backyard
Welcome to Camano Island, Washington
Knockdown texture matching on drywall installation

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